Little Rubicon trail at Tillamook SF

Weather and erosion have reshaped this popular trail. Can your Xterra handle it?

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Joining PNWX

Yep, PNWX is alive. Club activities may ebb and flow a bit, but a core group of members is always around. We look forward to adding new members to the club and look forward to meeting you.

  • If you aren’t a member yet, see the Join page to get more information about PNWX. We have a private message board for members to communicate and to post details of upcoming wheeling runs and club-related events. Participation on our message board is always free. We look forward to hearing from you.
  • Along with the official bulletin board that we’ve had for the past 10 years, we also have a Facebook group that anyone can join. Find us here on Facebook.

Check out Nissan Wheelers for more wheeling action in Washington state with all types of Nissans, including Xterras.

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Check Out All the New Mods!

Toyman shared some of his mods to include here on our website. From fixes for little annoyances to ARB locker installation information, you’ll find it on our Mods & How-To page!

Have a mod, install, or product review you’d like to share? Send Mindie an email with your write-up and any pictures you’ve got, and we’ll get it added to this website for all to see.

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Recent Xcursions

Some Snow Fun - Nov 2011

The first snow at Mt. Hood made for a pretty day trip on Barlow Road.

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Club Event 2009

The annual PNWX Club Event is in the books. We had a good turnout and a mix of some past members and some new members. The trail was a little dusty, but all in all it was a good run up the historic Naches Wagon Trail. Thanks to all that made it out.

Images courtesy ChuckH & xEDGEx

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